We are architects and we love landscape architecture. Our activities are based on the landscape phenomenology and the relation with the investors. It is our desire to create a landscape that becomes a natural part of the environment. We will be delighted if you think our proposed designed buildings have existed since time immemorial. The scope of our activities ranges from sketching to author´s supervision on the construction site.

Architecture is a service and an architect acts as a client’s guide. A landscape architect is an independent professional whose practice/work is very complex and includes designing promenades, waterfronts, city squares, parks, historical landscape areas; pursuing landscape management; collaborating on the concept of linear constructions in the landscape; or participating in architectural design competitions in new city districts. It is our ambition to highlight such scope and essence of our profession.

Landscape architecture exists thanks to the work of landscape architects, regardless of their institutional education or portfolio. Landscape architecture does not represent the creation of greenery, ornamental gardening, or additional decoration. Landscape architecture construction is a complex piece of work that cannot be reduced to a single layer of vegetation only. Nevertheless, plant life represents an essential layer in terms of the structure, since this layer is very delicate and reflects construction culture retrospectively.


2023 | Ostrava – The Transformation of Dr. Milada Horakova Park

Our design was awarded the third prize
architectural design competition of one round

2022 | Brno – Yellow Hill Park / Park Zluty kopec

Our design was awarded the first prize
architectural design competition of one round

2021 | Grand Prix Architects – National Architecture Award

Our construction was nominated among the finalists by an international jury
Mercandin's Gar­dens, Klatovy

2020 | City Melnik – St. Ludmila – 1100th anniversary of the murder

Art competition – Award

2020 | Big See Architecture Award

Winner in category Landscape and urban space
Nomination for Grand Prix
Vrchlicky’s Gar­dens, Klatovy

2019 | Liberec, Tržní square

Closed architectural design competition – second prize

2019 | Construction of the Year of the Pilsen Region

Honorable Mention
Vrchlicky’s Gar­dens, Klatovy

2018 | Czech architecture award

Velux award for working with daylight
Caolinum Nevren Center

2017 | Old Prague Club Award

The finalist of 2016 Old Prague Club Award of new building in historical context (2nd prize)
Caolinum Nevren Center

2015 | Grand Prix Architects – National Architecture Award

Our construction was awarded honorable mention in the New Building category by an international jury
Caolinum Nevren Center

2015 | Tetín – Revitalisation of Village Historical Center

Our design was awarded increased second prize (no first prize awarded)
Open architectural design competition of two rounds

2005 | Europan 8 – Cukrovarska, Pilsen

Our design was awarded honorable mention by an international jury
International urban competition; co-authors – Radek Dragoun, Martin Spevacek, Jaromir Veselak

2000 | Pedestrian and Cyclist Footbridge, Karlín – Holesovice, Prague

Jury shortlist – 12 qualified designs out of 58 competition designs
Architectural design competition / author: Jakub Chvojka, construction: Ing. Porkat, Ing. Vorschneider

Our team


Jakub Chvojka, chief architect

Licensed architect in the field of landscape architecture, architecture and urban planning. He has been working as a freelance architect in an independent practice since 2005, and since 2011, he has been running the CHVOJKA/architect studio. He received several awards for the built constructions and his designs were awarded in architectural design competitions. Jakub was a member of Registration Council and working group on Landscape Architecture of the Czech Chamber of Architects. He initiated the establishment of Zapaleni group with the aim to support modern and contemporary architecture in Western Bohemia. On a long term basis, he has been focused on the topic of borderland as a landscape with a great potential. Jakub is a co-author of the Landscape Architecture Manifest, which was published 27. 2. 2017.

Helena Novotná, architect

In 2010, she graduated in architecture from FA CVUT in Prague. Now she focuses on the construction part of our projects.

Jakub Holub, landscape architect

In 2016, he graduated in landscape architecture from Mendel University in Brno. On our landscape architecture projects, he focuses on the comprehensive elaboration of vegetation and detail.

External collaborators

Radek Dragoun    licensed architect, author's cooperation
Marek Holán    licensed landscape architect, author's cooperation
Petr Zítek    licensed engineer - traffic constructions
Tomáš Fuit    licensed engineer - constructions and buildings
Marketa Hajkova    architect
František Popelka    construction engineer
Zdeněk Kovářík    licenced arborist


Moznosti-vesnice-Mezimesto-obalka min
Nevren Center in a new publication

A newly published book Možnosti vesnice introduces a project of the Nevren Center. It includes an interview with architect Jakub Chvojka and a mayor Stepanka Bejckova. /2021

The AMA garden in book Czech Gardens

The AMA Garden was published as part of the selection of about 30 private gardens in the Czech Republic. The selected gardens are portrayed in photos and drawings. /2020

Vrchlicky's Gardens Klatovy in Czech Architecture 2018-2019: Yearbook

„Ringstrasse“ in Klatovy was selected among 30 projects of architecture in the Czech Republic. The publication includes an extensive interview with Professor Otruba, who received the Award of the Czech Chamber of Architects 2018. /2020