We Are Architects. Our activities are based on landscape phenomenology and relation with investors. It is our desire that the landscape we create becomes a natural part of the environment. It will bring happiness to our atelier if you feel like our designs have been existing since the beginning of time. The scope of our activities ranges from sketching to authorial supervisions.

Architecture is a service. The architect acts as a guide to clients. Typically, we guide the investor through all project stages, from construction design to all levels of product documentation according to the Building Act, and authorial supervisions of project execution. We have been involved in a broad scope of activities including design and execution of various jobs, such as pedestrian zone, a gazebo, ancient village square, a tombstone, rural community center with museum, wayside shrine, private garden, a fountain, historical park or a square.

A landscape architect is an independent architect whose practice is very complex and includes designing promenades, waterfronts, city squares, parks, premises for kids, historic landscape areas; landscape management; participation in the layout of linear structures in the landscape; or successful applications for architectural design competitions for new city districts. It is our ambition to highlight such scope and nature of our vocation.

Landscape architecture means the architecture.

Landscape architecture exists thanks to the service of landscape architects, regardless of their institutional education or portfolio. Landscape architecture does not mean the creation of greenery, decorative gardening or supplementary decoration. Landscape architecture structure (for example city square, park, waterfront) is a complex piece of work that cannot be restricted to a single layer of vegetation only. Nevertheless, gardening services represent an essential layer in terms of the structure, since this layer is a very delicate one and reflects retrospectively the client’s sophistication and construction culture in general.

Our team

Jakub Chvojka, chief architect

Licensed architect in the field of landscape architecture and architecture. He has been working as a freelance architect in an independent practice since 2005, and since 2011, he has been running the CHVOJKA/architect studio. Jakub initiated the establishment of Zapaleni group in Pilsen with the aim to support modern and contemporary architecture. On a long term basis, he has been focused on the topic of borderland as a landscape with a great potential. He was a member of Registration Council of the Czech Chamber of Architects (2016 - 2019). Jakub is a co-author of the Landscape Architecture Manifest.

Jakub Holub, designer

In 2016, he graduated in landscape architecture from Mendel University in Brno. He has been working in the studio since the beginning of 2019.

External collaborators

Radek Dragoun    licensed architect, co-author of several completed works
Petr Zítek    licensed engineer - traffic constructions
Marek Holán    licensed architect - landscape architecture
Markéta Holotová    architect
František Popelka    construction engineer

Former collaborators

Vladi Eileen Rosolová    architect (Australia)
Miloš Zajíc    graphic designer, 3D graphic designer (Island)
Helena Lihanová    architect

Awards and competitions

2018 | Czech architecture award

Velux award for working with daylight
Caolinum Nevren Center

2017 | Old Prague Club Award

The finalist of 2016 Old Prague Club Award (unofficial 2nd place according to the number of points obtained)
Caolinum Nevren Center

2015 | Grand Prix - National Architecture Award

Our construction was awarded honorable mention in the New Building category by an international jury
Caolinum Nevren Center

2015 | Tetín - Revitalisation of Village Historical Center

Our design was awarded increased second prize (no first prize awarded)
Open architectural design competition of two rounds

2005 | Europan 8 - Cukrovarska, Pilsen

Our design was awarded honorable mention by an international jury
International urban competition; authors - Radek Dragoun, Jakub Chvojka, Martin Spevacek, Jaromir Veselak

2000 | Karlín Pedestrian and Cyclist Footbridge - Holesovice, Prague

Jury shortlist - 12 qualified designs out of 58 competition designs
Architectural design competition / author: Jakub Chvojka, construction: Ing. Porkat, Ing. Vorschneider

2017 | Entrance Area for Prague Botanical Garden

Landscape architectural design competition for design; one of jury members: Jan Stempel (Chairman), Petr Hrusa, Kamil Mrva, Jakub Chvojka, Pavla Melkova, Bohumil Cerny, Eduard Chvosta

2016 | Nadrazni - City Boulevard in Zdar nad Sazavou

Architectural design competition for design; one of jury members: Jan Jehlik (Chairman), Jakub Chvojka, Pavel Jura, Zdenek Navratil, Josef Klement

2009 | Necin - Landscape and Locality

Landscape architectural design competition for design; competition preparations, one of jury members: Jaroslav Wertig (Chairman), David Vavra, Jakub Chvojka, Petr Velicka, Eva Zirhutova, Josef Kaiser, Ludek Zirhut

2002 | New City Park U Jeziska in the Center of the City of Pilsen

Landscape architectural design competition; competition preparations, one of jury members: Ivan Vorel (Chairman), Otakar Kuca, Ivar Otruba, Jiri Plos, Jakub Chvojka, Milan Svoboda, Lumir Aschenbrenner



2018 | Czech architecture award

Velux award for working with daylight - Caolinum Centre Nevřeň