Playground, Marianske Lazne

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The children world is situated between trees at the fork in two park paths. The exposure of the objects reflects the two paths. The playground equipments are not as rich in colors and shapes as it is usual for a traditional children playground. In fact the proposed solution takes into account two viewpoints: 1) Do things for children have to be pastel colorful? 2) The spa park of the 19th century is a phenomenon – is it actually possible to place there such expressive and derivative equipment?

The playground consists mostly of simple oak objects. They are composed of oak timbers which are put on steel profiles. Each object is equipped by grips for climbing or holes for going through. Besides, there is also a swing, two sandboxes, a chute and diverse balancing bars. The surface of all wooden objects is impregnated with hot paraffin.

Mariánské Lázně
Studies and project:
Jakub Chvojka
Václav Fiala - realizace
2,5 mil. Kč