Vrchlicky’s Gardens, Klatovy

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The park, as a part of the historical green ring created instead of the demolished city walls, following the example of the city of Wien. To continue with the original cultural tradition of the city of Klatovy and to find answers to present requirements for the public city space, such was the ambition at the very beginning of the cooperation.

Renewed parade - an important axis goes through the park and continues over the street to the neighbouring gardens. The reconstruction of the four axis lime tree avenue required relocation of electrical power line cables. Vrchlický and Hostasa Gardens were connected with a wide pedestrian crossing lifted to the pavement level on the parade axis over the street. The scope of the mosaic pavement was considerably extended, having regard to the filling of missing pavement parts. The square pavement ornament from the broken marble mosaic was transformed into a new, mainly granite pavement. The original mosaic was sorted and partly re-installed. Around Okrouhlice, it is also possible to see an original marble plateau.

The renewed garden parterre - the geometric composition with the dominating feature - a memorial of Jan Krejci is interpreted without decoration. The traditionally rich flower decoration of the garden parterre was transformed to a belt on the border, which is dedicated to the phenomenon of the Klatovy carnation flower. The garden parterre is separated from the parade rush with a low terrace with illuminated steps and trimmed hedges. The basalt terrace can serve as a stage. The bush level was significantly reduced, considering the longitudinal transparency of the circular park.

Jakub Chvojka
Radka Frydrychová
Flower design:
Peter Pošefka
10 mil. Kč
Ondra Vala