Mercandin´s Gardens II, Klatovy

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The Mercandin’s Gardens Area is a typical construction of landscape architecture. It was created by a human being, thanks to cooperation with the Nature. The foundation of the park was initiated by the President of the Klatovy Region František Xaver Mercandin in the years 1841 - 1845. The design is based on the return to the composed landscape, which respects the memory of the place and enables to reflect its actual needs at the same time, the present lifestyle, i.e. the spirit of the times.

The new promenade oval in front of the Kolonáda Café is based on the historical garden parterre. The promenade is gently floating over the central clearing thanks to the elevated oval ledge. The central parterre with the new quay and gazebo follows the water area. In the middle of the water surface, the circle island including new convex mode was reconstructed. A new memorial in the shape of a circle stone bench by Václav Fiala was mounted in the island and is dedicated to the landscape architect Václav Weinfurter. In spring, there are daffodils blooming in grass all over the island.

The complex of constructions within the landscape area comprises of a new water programme - a new water fountain with words written by the president Václav Havel was created in front of the Kolonáda; in the middle of the pond, there is a new water spray in the middle of the pond level with a drain to the pond. Furthermore, a sculpture programme was newly configured. The original four allegorical sculptures of seasons of the year Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and the fifth sculpture the memorial to F. X. Mercandin were situated to counterweight the Kolonáda on the analogical elliptic floor plan.

Jakub Chvojka
Radek Dragoun - spolupráce na altánu; Jaroslav Šindelář - transfér soch
František Popelka
Radka Frydrychová
Flower design:
Lucie Davídková
30 mil. Kč
Ondra Vala